Compact Storage Retrieval Request

Some of less frequently used material is placed in staff-only areas within the library. If you learn from our library catalogue that the item that you wish is in compact storage, fill out our Compact Storage Request Form below and we will retrieve the item for you, subject to the terms below:

  • Retrieval will be made as soon as the form is received, Monday to Friday, 8:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Please allow a minimum of 1/2 hour for the retrieval process.
  • Retrieval of materials is not available on weekends or holidays. Request forms sent on weekends/holidays will be processed on the first regular business day thereafter
  • Weekend/holiday pick-up of materials can be accomplished by sending the request on the last regular business day prior to the weekend/holiday
  • Items retrieved from Compact Storage can be picked up in the Media Centre on designated shelves located on the South wall of the centre, to the right of the entry door.
  • Please return all materials to the Media Centre office when you are finished with them, unless the material has been charged to your account from the main Circulation Desk, in which case materials should be returned to the Circulation Desk for proper discharge.
  • It is important that the form have complete and correct information. If you need assistance in completing the form, please contact the staff at the Reference Help Desk
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