Campus Copyright Information

These webpages, hosted by the Leddy Library, attempt to address the relationship between copyright law and the work of the University of Windsor in order to best promote research, teaching, learning and library services.

The information offered here seeks to:
  • Address issues related to fair dealing, copyright ownership, and publishing arrangements in furtherance of higher education and the advancement of knowledge;

  • Provide copyright information and education resources for the university community; and

  • Support innovative policies, practices, and contracts to foster the creation, preservation, and accessibility of information resources;
We hope you find this website a helpful source of information as you navigate the complex world of copyright. It is designed to assist you in learning about copyright in order that you can address the copyright issues that are important for your scholarly work. We welcome your comments and suggestions.
Before requesting assistance, please consider the following:
  • Most of the questions we receive are about delivery of course materials, fair dealing, copyright ownership, publication agreements, or other such matters. This website has information on these issues and more. Please take a minute to review the relevant materials on the website before forwarding a question.

  • Also, please understand that we can only offer general copyright information and education — we are not lawyers, and cannot offer legal advice.