Course Resource Notices

Date: 9/13/2019
Issue: Some graduate and undergraduate students have been assigned a role other than student in our system. This is casued by the patron record load from UWinsite. 
Impact: Affected users may receive notifications from Leganto our Course Reserve system.
Fix: We are currently attempting to remove in batch all improperly assigned roles.

Date: 9/11/2019
Status: in Process
Issue: We are currently experience some issues with user accounts for new graduate students. UWinsite is sending incorrect UWin ID information to our system in some cases. 
Impact: Impacted users attempting to access Course Resources from Blackboard may be turned away because of a mismatch between their Blackboard and Library User ID.
Fix: We are working with UWinsite to resolve this issue. In the short term please contact We can manually update student accounts to correct the ID. We can change the status of the course temporarily to ensure students can access readings directly for our system