Course Resource Lists for Faculty

Course Resource Lists Information for Faculty

What is Course Resource Lists?

Course Resource Lists is the Library's new resource system that integrates with your Blackboard course site. It is the most effective way for faculty and instructors to utilize the libraries online and print resources in your class while also enabling them to pull in resources from anywhere on the web. Course Resource Lists provides students with quick and easy access to course materials from a variety of devices.

Why use Course Resource Lists? 

  • Provides a one-stop-shop for creating, managing, accessing and evaluating course resources.
  • Integrates with Blackboard course sites to simplify access to the libraries print and electronic resources.
  • Engages students with a wide range of educational resources including books, journal articles, websites, podcasts and more.
  • Simplifies reading list editing and allows you to reuse your resource list for future courses.
  • Increases access to and affordability of course resources for students.
  • Streamlines copyright and digitization requests.
  • Allows users to create a personal resource library to save readings for future use.
  • Evaluates course resource engagement with analytics.  

How do I submit my list?

Using Blackboard

From your Blackboard course site just enable the "Library Resource List" tool link and launch it to get started. Follow the prompts to provide your course information and then either:

  • Build and customize your own resource list using the system and send it to the library to process
  • Simply send us a word document with your resource list. 

Once your list is published your students can use the tool link to open their resource list right in Blackboard.

For more information on getting start read our Simple Steps Guide

1. Connect your Blackboard Course to Course Resource Lists

2. Create your Course Resource List

3. Submit your Course Resource List to the library for processing and publishing

Not Using Blackboard

If your course doesn't use Blackboard, you can still submit your resource lists to the library. The Leddy Library team will create your course resource list which will be available through our website.

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