Software Access

Standard Software

Below is the layout of the "Start Menu" on all library workstations. This shows which software products we have and where they are found on our workstation menus.

Ease of Access


CD or DVD Burner


Internet Tools

Library Resources

Math & Statistics

Microsoft Office

MultiMedia Applications


Specialized Software

*Adobe CS Design Premium includes

Academic Data Centre Software

The Academic Data Centre provides access to and support for the following specialized software on its four workstations. Note that they can only be accessed during the Data Centre's open hours. For more information, see ADC Software and Support.

  • ArcView GIS (also available on M1049 through M1054)
  • AMOS - ADC02 only (also available on M1031)
  • Beyond 20/20 Browser (also available on M1027 thru M1030)
  • Stata 14
  • StatTransfer 13
  • NVivo Qualitative Analysis (also available on M1040 through M1042)
  • Zoomtext is installed on ADC2.

The Data Centre also supports use of SPSS, SAS and R.

Installing Software

You may install software on our PCs (appropriate to our educational environment – no games please) as long as the installation does not require a reboot, if a reboot is required the machine will lose all changes and revert to our original configuration. If you do install software please reboot the PC before you leave so that all changes you made will be removed.