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On-line Application | Student Housing


The Undersigned, a registered student at the University of Windsor, ("Resident") who has confirmed his/her reservation for the foregoing accommodation by payment of a deposit of Four Hundred($400.00) NON-REFUNDABLE hereby agrees to pay to Canterbury College ("The College") the appropriate fee in accordance with the Residence Fee Schedule, (attached here to as "Schedule A" and forming part of this agreement), and further covenants and agrees that his/her use and occupation of College premises is subject to his/her compliance with the following terms and conditions:

The College, in consideration of the deposit and payment of the appropriate fee, hereby grants a license, which is non-assignable, to the Resident to occupy residence in the House as confirmed above, (the premises) for his/her personal living accommodation for :

____  Summer 2019 (May through August 2019)

____  Fall 2019 & Winter 2020  (Sept 2, 2019 - April 20, 2020)



___  Fall 2019 (Sept 2 - Dec 20, 2019)

____ Fall 2019 & Winter 2020  (Sept 2, 2019 - Apr 20, 2020)

____ Winter 2020 (January 2 to April 20, 2020)

Residents requiring accommodations prior to the start of the semester will be subject to an additional surcharge of $75.00 per night subject to Colleges registration policy.

Fees Payable

Deposit of $400.00 NON-REFUNDBALE

*Resident fees as per “Schedule A”
*Damage deposit of $100.00 (refundable)
*Student Council fees of $90.00 per year / $ 50.00 – One Semester Exchange Students Only (non-refundable)
*$25.00 Key deposit (refundable)
*$50.00 Linen Fee (Exchange Students ONLY - other students must supply their own linens)
*Loadable SmartCity Laundry Card as needed.  Card must be returned upon depart from Canterbury College       and any usused portion is non-refundable.
*Optional fees:  Parking $30.00 per month + HST.

Payment of Fees

Fees are payable as follows:
- Deposit of $400.00 is NON-REFUNDABLE and due when submitting application.

-Fall Semester Fees due by August 15th

Winter Semester Fees due by December 15

Inter Session/Summer Fees due by 15 April

If both Fall and Winter fees are paid on or before August 15 a discount of $60.00 will applied. 

- Optional fees (parking) payable per semester.
- A student entering Residence late and/or for whom accommodation has been held will receive no adjustment of the Residence Fee.

Residence bursaries are not payable under any condition if resident withdraws from Canterbury College.

All cheques returned by the bank for any reason, must be replaced immediately by cash, certified cheque or money order together with an administrative charge of $50.00.

Resident hereby specifically authorizes the University of Windsor to withhold his/her transcripts, future university registration rights and graduation until the College has notified the University that all monies owing by the Resident to the College have been paid. 

Residence reservation must be confirmed by a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $400.00Upon taking up residence this deposit will be credited towards all fees levied by the College. If the Resident does not take up accommodation on the commencement date, the Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars shall be charged as an Administration Fee and shall not be returned to the Resident nor shall any credit be allowed therefore to the Resident in respect to any amount owed to the College. If the Resident withdraws or is required to withdraw from the premises prior to the termination date for any reason, other than academic withdrawals, he/she shall find a replacement for himself/herself acceptable to the College, failing which, his/her $250.00 deposit will be forfeited and, he/she shall be responsible for and pay the College the full sum owing to the termination date under this license. An academic withdrawal is the total withdrawal from the University of Windsor for the full academic year. If the resident should re-register at the University within the academic year, then all terms and conditions including the financial obligations contained herein, will remain in full effect. In the event of an academic withdrawal, a proportionate refund of residence fees less an administration charge will be made plus a $500 Administration Fee.

An additional  $100.00 Damage Deposit must be paid upon taking up residence and will be returned, in full, upon a full inspection of the residence and if no damage has been done. If damage occurs, then costs will be deducted from this deposit. Also, if damage occurs to the residence or its contents and no person admits to and pays for the damage, all residents in the house will pay out of the combined deposits from that house. Also a $25.00 refundable Key Deposit will by collected and return when keys are returned upon vacating Canterbury.

A non-refundable fee of $ 90.00 for full year/$50.00 per semester - Exchange Students Only will be collected on behalf of the Canterbury College Student Council and is not part of the Resident Fee Schedule.

Rules and Regulations made by the Board of Directors of the College, its officers, and employees, shall be in full force and effect and shall be observed by the Resident. Laws which fall under Federal, Provincial or Municipal jurisdiction shall be applicable to the premises and the licenses thereof. The Resident acknowledges that all rules, regulations and procedures outlined in the "Canterbury College Residence Student Handbook" shall bind the Resident.

The Resident shall indemnify and save harmless the College from and against any liability, loss or damage and costs which may be occasioned by reason of neglect, carelessness, injury or willful damage caused by him/her or their guests and visitors on the premises. 

Each Resident will be responsible to insure himself/herself against any loss or injury/damage to person or property while this license agreement is in effect.

Nothing shall be done or permitted to be done in the premises nor shall anything be brought therein by the Resident that in any way increases the risk of fire or the rate of fire insurance on the building or on the property kept therein or obstructs or interferes with the rights of other persons within the building or in any way injures or annoys them or conflicts with the laws relating to fires or other risks or with the regulations of the Windsor Fire Department or with any insurance policy upon the building or any part thereof or that conflicts with any of the rules and ordinances of the Board of Health or with any statute or Municipal Bylaw. No stores of any combustible or offensive goods, provisions or materials shall be kept upon the premises.

The Resident acknowledges that from time to time it may be necessary for the College, its officers, agents and servants to inspect, service and repair the premises and agrees to provide to the College, its officers, servants and agents said access upon the giving of notice which shall be reasonable notice except in the event of emergency where no such notice will be required.

The College in its discretion may relocate a Resident if such is in the interest of the College or the other residents. 

If Resident relocates, for any reason, to accommodation at a higher rate, Resident must pay the prorated increase in full prior to the time of relocation. Residence is obligated weekly to change his/her bed linen and to vacuum and clean his/her room. General inspections (with proper notice) will be conducted to ensure adequate housekeeping is being done. 

Nothing shall be placed on the outside of window sills or projections and nothing shall be thrown or permitted to be thrown by any person out of the windows or doors or down passages or from any part of the building.

Resident may not use or have duplicate keys to premises or building that has not been obtained from the Administration Office. Locks and keys must NOT be removed, or tampered with, by the resident in any way. Resident must pay for the cost of replacing lost keys. For the purpose of safety and security, it is the responsibility of all residents to keep all outside doors and ground floor windows to all residences locked at all times. 

The use of prohibited drugs and substances in any form is forbidden in every part of the College. The use of tobacco products is prohibited in all of the College buildingsSee student resident handbook.

Resident is obliged weekly to change his/her bed linen and to vacuum and clean his/her room. 

Telephone installation and disconnection must be arranged by the Resident with Bell Canada at the Resident's expense and advise the Administration Office of resident’s telephone number. Direct connection to the University’s Computer Network from Parker, Laud, Wake & Whitgift Houses must be arranged through Canterbury College.

The Resident agrees that upon any breach by him/her of the conditions set forth herein, the College at its option may immediately terminate this license upon three (3) days written notice to the Resident, and the Resident shall forthwith vacate the premises. In the event that the Resident fails or refuses to vacate the premises, the College shall have the right to enter the same and to remove the belongings of the Resident and to take possession of the premises without further notice. An administrative fine of $350 will also apply.

The College shall not be liable to perform its obligations under this Resident Agreement if such failure is due to strikes, fire, explosion, water, Acts of God, civil disorder or disturbance, vandalism, riot, sabotage or for any cause beyond the control of the College.

No pets are allowed in Canterbury residence or on the grounds.

The College shall not be liable to perform its obligations under this Resident Agreement if such failure is due to strikes, fire, explosion, water, Acts of God, civil disorder or disturbance, vandalism, riot, sabotage or for any cause beyond the control of the College.

In accordance with the Smoke Free Ontario Act, smoking or vaping of anykind is strictly prohibited anywhere on Canterbury College property including all buildings, rooms and apartments.

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